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Pet Adoption Information

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Thank you for adopting a pet! We’re here to help you every step of the way from submitting your first adoption application, to bringing your pet home to living a long and happy life with your new family member. The enclosed links will take you to some of the most frequently asked questions about adopting a pet that you see on Petfinder.

We hope you won’t let this one experience change your mind about providing a loving home to a pet in need. There are many animal shelters and rescue groups with many more adoptable pets waiting for their forever homes!

Thinking about buying a dog online? Check out this information and look at other options that may be more suitable for you!

Do you have complaints about your local animal shelter? This information may help you be more understanding about why they do what they do.

Do you need to rehome your pet? Make sure she goes to a safe home with these tips for avoiding putting your pet in the hand of animal abusers.

Pet stores that sell dogs and cats regard them as inventory, often getting their “stock” from middlemen or brokers. Though the staff may assure you that the animals in their store were raised humanely, most have little knowledge of the conditions at the kennels where the pets were born. You may reason that because of his age, the puppy or …

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