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A lifetime commitment to a bird may be longer than you imagined. As we learn more about birds’ needs and begin to meet those needs, our avian companions are living longer than ever. Read to learn why and how long.

Do you think Reptiles make good pets? Find out the advantages and disadvantages of having a Reptile as a pet.

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Ever wonder what having a pet goose might be like? Here is one woman’s story of her and her goose. Also learn if getting a pet goose might be the right choice for you!

Dr. Michael Krinsley, D.V.M. How do you know if a bird is the right pet for you? And how do you decide what type of bird will best suit your household? The following scenarios should help potential owners make a decision that’s right for them and a new avian friend. If after reading these suggestions you want to get a …

Wonder why people love rabbits? Here are the top ten reasons rescued rabbits make great pets.

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