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8 Reasons to Adopt a Pet from A Rescue or Shelter

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Have you been thinking about adding a pet to your family? Maybe you are looking for a new best friend for your very own. Adopt from an animal shelter or a rescue!

Choosing and bringing home a new pet can be a far more fulfilling experience than just picking out the cutest dog or cat from a litter. When you look for your next pet by visiting animal shelters and rescues, you will meet lots of pets, in person or online, from the youngest to the oldest, and of every shape, size, and personality.

Here are 8 reasons to ADOPT your next dog or cat:

  1. You will save not only one life, but two or more! When you adopt, you open space and resources so the shelter or rescue can help other pets in need. It’s estimated that as many as 1.5 million pets are euthanized in shelters, down from 2.6 million in 2011. Your adoption from a shelter or rescue helps keep this number moving continually downward.
  2. You will save money. More and more shelters make sure that their pets not only have their vaccinations, but are spay/neutered, and are often tested for heartworms (for dogs) and Feline Leukemia and FIV (for cats). They may even be microchipped! Check your shelter’s website for the medical care included in an adoption or contact them directly to ask.
  3. You will be supporting your human community as well. Many animal shelters provide a wide range of services beyond pet adoption. These may include the rescue of lost pets, reuniting them with their guardians, humane education in schools, local animal control, animal cruelty investigation, and even emergency response in natural disasters. By helping to make their adoption program a success, you help your shelter extend their other animal-related services, too.
  4. You can find any kind of pet. There are shelters and rescues for every species from the smallest mouse to the tallest horse. Check out the Petfinder pet search and you’ll find that even purebred pets find themselves in need of a new home. You can certainly find a pet to match your lifestyle whether you live in an apartment or a farmhouse.
    • Short on space? Consider small and furry pocket pets, reptiles, and or even a fish.
    • Want outdoor adventures? Plenty of dogs would love to be your hiking buddy
    • Looking for a graceful and curious companion? Think about inviting a cat to be your study-buddy or RV-travel companion
    • So, you’ve got plenty of fences and fields? How about a clever pig or a bouncing goat? Horses, cows, and donkeys are amazing pasture companions.
  5. You can find pets of any age, from puppies and kittens, to housebroken pet-teens, stately seniors, and even special-needs pets.
  6. You get a support network. Many shelters and rescues have expanded their pre- and post-adoption support. When you first contact an adoption group, chances are good you will get 1:1 time with an adoption counselor to help you find a pet who fits your lifestyle. After adoption, shelter and rescues are often available to help with health and behavior questions. Some shelters even hold dog obedience and puppy and kitten kindergarten classes!
  7. You’ll feel great, and you will be encouraging others to adopt when you share stories about your pet.
  8. Because Petfinder makes it easy to find just the right pet! Just visit and begin your search by entering your location and the type of pet you are looking for. You will meet thousands of pets looking for a home like yours, and the shelters and rescue groups who care for them.

And of course, after you adopt, you can always come back here to Petfinder and visit our library full of resources to help you and your pet!


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