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Our Mission

Our mission is to offer the best possible care and future for companion animals in our community through leadership, placement, and outreach.

Adoption Policy

Adopting a Pet
Adoption doesn't have to be difficult, and we strive to make the best possible matches for the animals that we have here, so that we can ensure that they will be going to their forever homes. We recommend filling out an adoption application profile first. After you have completed your profile, please come to our shelter and find your perfect match. If you are interested in a particular animal already, make sure to list their name on the application profile when filling it out.

Complete an adoption application profile. Please make sure to bring a government issued form of identification with you, preferably a driver’s license.

We recommend that you plan to bring members of your household to meet and interact with the pet(s). It's important that everyone who will be sharing their lives with this new family member be happy with your selection!

Also, if you already have a dog in your household, we suggest you bring your pet(s) to interact with the new pet you wish to adopt. We'll help you determine how likely the pets are to be compatible. Please spend at least a half hour getting acquainted with the pet you wish to adopt.

BAHS staff will offer suggestions about the health care and training your pet will require and will provide you with any available information concerning the pet(s) you have chosen. Sometimes we have information about the pet's history from the person who surrendered the pet - sometimes animals come to us stray and we don't have any background information. In all cases, however, we've spent time evaluating the pets during their stay here and will share everything we can.

Animals are adopted to the first approved applicant. (Please note: the Shelter can receive several (application) profiles for the same animal in one day. All adoptions are first come, first served as long as it's a good match. The adoption process generally takes at least an hour and wait time can vary from 5 minutes to 2 hours during peak times.)

With all adoptions, the adoption fee is due at the completion of adoption.

All cats, dogs, and rabbits adopted from the Bay Area Humane Society are spayed and neutered prior to adoption and therefore are ready to go home the same day of their adoption.

Placing an Animal on Hold
If the pet you are interested in is available for adoption and you would like to place the pet on hold, you must come into the shelter, visit with the pet, and have an approved adoption profile on file to proceed with a 24 hour hold. There is a $30 fee for a dog/puppy or $20 fee for cat/kitten, and the hold is non-refundable, and non-transferable. This fee will hold the animal until the close of the following business day. If the adoption is completed within this time, the $30/$20 fee will be deducted from the adoption fee. If the adoption is not completed, the fee will become a donation to the Bay Area Humane Society.

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