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Pony Tales Refuge & Rehab, Inc.

Colfax, WI

Our Mission

Our Mission is the ensure quality care and treatment of horses through intervention, education, and outreach. Pony Tales Refuge is a dedicated Full Circle of Life horse rescue. We are a refuge for equines of all kinds from abuse, neglect, abandonment and slaughter. We provide them with a safe, loving home during recovery and rehabilitation while providing food, shelter, medical care, nurturing and training.

Adoption Policy

Level 1: Ready to be adopted horses. These are horses that do not require training or much rehab. They do not need much time invested in them. They are ready to do their job and be a part of a family. They are also beginner to intermediate riding horses. These horses should be very respectful and obedient.

Level 2: Almost ready to adopt or an adopter with some experience. These horses need to be polished or refreshed. They may be horses that are confident intermediate riding horses. May have a little more forward movement. They should have a moderate level of respect and obedience. They may also require some rehab or care. No less than a 3 on the body scale.

Level 3: Horse needs a little work or very experienced adopter. These horses need training or have advanced training requiring a knowledgeable rider. These also may be horses that are hard keepers. We suggest the adopter work with a lesson instructor or be an advanced rider. They probably have a lot of buttons and/or forward movement. They may also be horses that are green, but have a good mind. They should still be respectful, but may not be super obedient. No less than a 3 on the body scale.

Level 4: These are horses that are very green, unstarted, or have bad behavior issues. These horses need to have time invested in them or require special consideration when choosing the adopter. We would encourage the adopter to seek professional help with these horses. They must at least be halter trained. This will require a confident advanced adopter. These could also be horses requiring a good amount of rehab. 2 or less on the body scale.

Level 5: Horses who are barely halter trained and difficult to handle, but have a willingness to learn. These horses were previously unhandled, and are in the training process. These require a special trainer and facility. These horses should not be adopted unless the adopter is very experienced with horses, a trainer or the adopter is taking the horse straight to a trainer.

Level 6: Unhandled, difficult, wild horses. The horses have no training and are not halter broke. These require a special trainer and facility. These horses should not be adopted unless the adopter is a trainer or is taking the horse straight to a trainer.

You need to have a safe facility for a horse to live in and shelter - either man-made or natural.
An Adoption Specialist will match you with the horse we believe would be the best match for you. If any time during the adoption process we believe the horse is not the right match, we may deny the adoption.
Once the right horse has been found for you, you can complete the adoption paperwork. At any time in the future if you're no longer able to keep the horse, the horse can be returned to us free of charge, other than transportation costs.
If you're unable to transport your new adoptive horse to your home, transportation can be arranged at $2 per loaded mile.
Post Adoption we will always be here for you and your horse. If you have any questions about your adopted horse, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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