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Here’s how it works.
Your home becomes a safe haven and a transitional stop on the way to finding the best home possible for one of our boxers.  Some dogs will only stay in your home for two or three weeks.  Others may require a longer stay, possibly as long as three to six months.
Some of our dogs are owner surrender, some have been neglected and/or abused, some might have behavioral and/or medical issues.
We want to set all of our dogs and potential families up for success.  We do that by visiting with you at your home and working with you to make a good fit for you.


Your dog will come to you with bag of food, her pillow and her crate.  All medical needs are provided at MustLuvBoxer Rescue's expense, including but not limited to vaccinations and spaying or neutering.  More assis

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Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets