Our Mission

We are a group of dedicated animal lovers! All together we have been in rescue for nearly 20 years. We have worked unselfishly to help the needy animals who end in the area's kill shelters.  We don't just take the cute fru fru type pets that are easy to place, we also take the very needy ones who really need help. We would be total hypocrites if we just took the easy cases!

Save A Mutt has some permanent rescues that can't be placed due to issues with their health, age, behavior etc. Some of these dogs and cats we have cared for out of our own pockets for many years. The dogs we do get adopted, those funds go toward caring for our permanent residents. For example our oldest rescue passed away in Nov of 2015 at the age of 16 years old. Her name was Marbles. She was a border collie/heeler mix. She had epilepsy. We cared for her since she was only 6 months old. We have several large breed dogs with issues just as debilitating as or more so t

Adoption Policy

Our pets are fostered in NC and VA. However we do allow out of state adoptions. We have cost effective transporters who can get our adopted pets to almost any state on the East Coast.

We do alot of adoptions to the northern states. We have a location in Sussex NJ and one in Niagara Falls, NY and Albany NY. We have foster homes in the locations as well where some of our animals are fostered at times. If you want to check out out NJ and NY website feel free to visit www.saveamuttkennel.info .


You can check out the local animals that are fostered in VA and NC browsing our Petfinder listings here or by visiting our local website at http://www.saveanmuttkennel-va.info.


To adopt one of our rescue animals, you will need to place an application. You can find our application on our main web site at http://www.saveamuttkennel-va.info.


Once the application is approved you will pay

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets