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Red River SPCA

1215 Cooke County Road 140
Whitesboro, TX 76273

Our Mission

Red River SPCA is a non-profit organization. Started in 1987, RRSPCA is dedicated to helping people and pets enjoy each other. RRSPCA is operated entirely by a handful of volunteers fostering at our residences. We are a no-kill "shelterless."
Red River SPCA has always been totally volunteer-operated. We are not paid by City or County agencies for services rendered (including cruelty investigations) nor do we get any part of donations made to ASPCA or other animal-related organizations. The only money Red River SPCA receives is by direct donations.
Every penny donated to Red River SPCA (payable to "Red River SPCA", sent to Red River SPCA, 1215 CR 140, Whitesboro TX 76273) goes to serving these critters. It is used for food, vaccines, flea-tick-HW preventatives and other health-related expenses, plus veterinarians and spay/neuter clinics.
All donations to Red River SPCA are tax-deductible. Our 501(c)(3) number is 752373092. Receipts are available upon request. Thank you!
We currently have only three foster homes, and each space is limited. We desperately need more foster homes! Anyone interested in fostering is welcomed to contact me so we can discuss what is involved. Caring for these critters, experiencing their unconditional love, is very special. I promise that you will shed a "mixed-emotions" tear when you see an animal you have fostered leave with its new family!
Due to such limited foster space, we offer "courtesy listings" online for families who are willing to continue caring for their adoptable pets until they are re-homed.
"Adoptable" only defines a dog or cat with no history of being aggressive to humans. Because we are no-kill, we cannot list animals with behavior issues. Before we can list an animal, it must be sterilized and current on shots.

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Recommended Pets

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