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Our Mission

Visit our sister webpage, dedicated to saving dogs in Texas and adopting them out and TRANSPORTING them to their forever families ALL over the US!!

We are a group of rescuers who save God's Lost Dogs on the streets of San Antonio and from the kill shelters in the area. We are committed to spay and neuter education as well as the health and well being of our rescued animals. 

We have been transporting dogs out of state to wonderful adoptive homes and look forward to helping YOU find your own dog or puppy!!

Adoption Policy

All our adoptable animals come fully vetted (for their age) with shots, microchips and spayed or neutered. We look for the very best homes for our rescues - no matter where you live. We WILL get them to you ;). Adoption application applies as well as adoption fee.

We are committed to our dogs mental, physical, and social health and do the best we can to assure everyone is ready for a home and that the home is ready for them!!! :)

Meet and greets scheduled by fosters or monitor our FB site for adoption events!!

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets