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Texas Alaskan Malamute Rescue

Houston, TX

Our Mission

Our Mission:

Texas Alaskan Malamute Rescue Association (TAMR) is a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit and statewide assistance organization dedicated to the welfare of all Alaskan Malamutes, particularly those who are at risk of losing their health, home, or lives in Texas and surrounding areas.

Our Vision:

Our objectives are to improve the lives of Alaskan Malamutes by promoting responsible ownership, providing owner and individual support, rescuing and rehabilitating dogs in need, assisting dogs into new homes, providing emergency care and assistance, and by providing education services to the public. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every Alaskan Malamute has the home and quality of life which they deserve.

Adoption Policy

About our Adoptive Dogs:

* ALL our dogs are spayed or neutered. There are no exceptions.
* Our dogs are current on vaccinations and heartworm preventative.
* Dogs are treated for any known health problems prior to adoption.
* Dogs are temperament evaluated for their home type and suitability.
* Dogs are adopted to indoor or indoor/outdoor homes only.
* Most dogs are also microchipped for safety and identification.

About our Adoption Process:

* You must be an adult of at least 18 years old and "head of household" to adopt.
* Children in the home must be over 4 years of age for safety of both the child and dog.
* We require all potential adopters & fosters complete our placement application.
* A rescue volunteer will contact you after we receive your completed application.
* We check veterinary references on current or recent pets.
* Applicants who rent/lease their home must provide written permission from landlord.
* We visit your home by appointment to meet family, pets, and evaluate home safety.
* You may adopt a dog suitable to your home and family your application is approved.
* An adoption fee is due at the time of final adoption. (Fees may vary due to age.)

Some dogs and/or adoptions have additional fees, adoption requirements, or placement restrictions. (We rarely adopt outside Texas and not all dogs are available for "long distance" adoptions.)

Please Note: We intend our adoptions to be permanent placements and only adopt dogs into homes for which they are best suited. Not all dogs are available to every adopter and TAMR reserves the right to deny an adoption for any reason. Dogs will be returned to TAMR if an adopter is unable, or unwilling, to keep or care for their adopted or fostered dog.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets