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Our Mission

We are a small group of volunteers based in Houston, TX. The stray dog population in Texas is dire. There are approximately 1.2 million strays in Houston. The shelters are overcrowded, and even if the animals make it to the shelter, the euthanasia rate is about 91%.

While we cant save all animals, we take in the most defenseless animals, rehabilitate them and find them homes all over the United States.


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Adoption Policy

Once you inquire about one of our pets, we will send you an adoption application to be completed and returned to us.  When we receive the completed application, we will conduct a "pre-adoption" review.  If your application is approved we will contact you to schedule a day and time for you to come out and meet the pet you are interested in, as well as others if you wish.  After the meet and greet we will schedule and conduct a home visit.  If all goes well then we will proceed with the adoption process.

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Recommended Pets