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Our Mission

Dev's Paradise started in February 2018, when Dev volunteered at a local Houston shelter. She realized a lot of shelters discriminated against bully breeds, and she was determined to help make a difference.

We are officially a 501(c)3 nonprofit home based/foster based rescue. We aspire to educate and speak up for the ones who can't. Our goal is to raise awareness about this beautiful breed that is easily misjudged and misunderstood. Through our actions we hope to show people that these dogs can be fully rehabilitated from often horrible situations, caused by mankind. We want to fight the misconceptions spread by media and by people uneducated about the breed.

Dev's Paradise focuses on strays and high kill shelter dogs that have had a rough start in life. We provide second chances for them and show them to regain trust, we want them to experience the true meaning of love and compassion. We are part of our bullies lives from the beginning when they arrive in our hands, to nursing them back to health, get them kennel and house trained , we socialize them and teach basic commands, and of course finally place them in their forever homes. There is no greater feeling than seeing how they have blossomed to their full potential.

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Adoption Policy

We do not adopt on site.

Our adoption includes up to date on vaccines, microchip, spayed and neutered and current on heart-worm and flea prevention.

Puppies 12 months or under -300
Dogs 1 year and up -250
Pure-bred breeds such as American bully, french bulldogs etc adoption fee will be higher.

For out of state adoptions : we provide Face-time and Skype interviews.

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