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Our Mission

DFW Pug Rescue Club's mission is to LEAVE NO PUG BEHIND. We rescue pugs of all ages and physical conditions and find each of them a loving, secure forever home.

Adoption Policy

Please Note: DFW Pug Rescue adopts pugs to Texas residents as well as residents in bordering states only.
We will contact you to determine your preferences, find out about your daily schedule, and talk about your previous experience with pets.
If you already have pets, we will need copies of their individual records to ensure they have been spayed/neutered and vaccinated. If there is a medical reason not to do so, please discuss any exceptions with your adoption counselor.
Next, we will visit your home to see the environment where the dog will live and answer your questions. This is a great opportunity for you to learn how to integrate your new pug into your home.
When we have matched you with a potential pug, we will contact you to set up a meeting with their current foster.
The final step is the contract* and adoption fee. $300 for pugs 1-3 years old, $250 for pugs 3-8 years old, $175 for senior pugs age 8 years and older, and $350 for puppies under 12 months of age. Seniors are 2 for 1 at $175 or you can pair a senior with an adult pug for $250

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets