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Our Mission

We have owned and loved Schnauzers for over 25 years. We rescue or adopt Schnauzers or Schnauzer mixes from shelters and occasionally other small breed dogs in need of help too. Our foster dogs are current on shots and vetted through our low cost resources and now need GREAT FOREVER homes.

The love of my life and dog soul mate was Landon….a beautiful white schnauzer who is pictured on this page. Our hearts beat at the same time and he will always be the most special dog ever to me. I work to save Schnauzers lives to honor his memory and look forward to our souls uniting again. I know in my heart that he is helping me find good dogs and at the right time…..also find great families to love them and give them forever homes as loved family members.

With our rescue dogs if they are over a year of age, they are heartworm tested and their adoption price includes their heartworm pills for the remaining year. If under a year of age, they are started on heartworm pills as a preventative and also come with their remaining years worth of pills. You will get all the vet paperwork showing fees paid for spay/neuter, rabies shot, annual booster shot, bordatella, deworming, are micro-chipped, and a whole lot more from our rescue. If any other known medical condition or problem exists, it is corrected before our dogs are offered for adoption.

Re-homing fees.....we only ask to be reimbursed for their medical expenses on each dog plus a little for gas money/dog food money. Our fees are much less expensive than you would pay as a dog owner with a vet for the package you get and you are getting a good dog that is completely vetted properly for the next year.

While living with us, they are socialized, evaluated temperament wise, and we work on house
training. All of them are exercised 5 times a day and eat high quality no grain hi-protein dog food, learn about and enjoy healthy snacks, and any problem behavior the dog may have is worked on.

We guarantee that we have told you all we know…good and bad…about the dog you are adopting, provide a great deal of educational materials in your adoption packet so you can be a great dog owner, and provide ongoing future support. Our adoption contract not only allows a week to 10 day adjustment period, if your adopted dog does not work out for any valid reason and we have been communicating and trying to remedy it, not only can you, but you must return the dog to us for a full refund.

Please consider adopting a shelter rescue from Schnauzers will be the most important part of saving a life. ADOPTING A DOG IS A LIFETIME COMMITMENT and that is the type of adopting family we are looking for.

Adoption Policy

General adoption guidelines for our pups.
Please read before considering adopting from us or sending in an application.

1. Have a Good vet history of pet care on current and previous pets.
2. Annual, bordatella, and rabies shots kept up to date.
3. Existing Pets on HW prevention.
4. Existing Pets spayed/neutered for their health unless there's a medical reason not to.
5. Our fosters are family members, live in the house, are socialized and need people and other four footed friends generally.
6. Our fosters are only to be crated or gated minimally per day.
7. Potential Adopters be employed with profession, income or have salary capability to vet, afford to properly care for, and to groom the pet as needed.
8. Adopter must have good general knowledge or history of the breed.
9. Most of our foster dogs require a good safe fenced yard.
10. Any special needs, lifestyle parameters, or care requirements of the specific dog are listed in the individual dog's writeup.
11. We try to match the lifestyle and activity needs of the foster to the adopting family...e.g. High energy active foster dogs are not adopted to sedentary adopters looking for a lap dog.
12. We do call references and it can take 2-5 days or more to process an application to get you approved to adopt.
13. We do not adopt on the spot...preapproval is required.
14.. We do not adopt to families who have “outside dogs”. We believe that with hot summers, cold winters and sometimes inclement weather, all pets in Texas and many other states need access to heat or a/c as appropriate in order to live comfortably just like all human family members need.

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