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Please visit our website to educate yourself on this breed and determine whether an Italian Greyhound is really the right fit for your family. While they are all very sweet dogs, they are not the pet for everyone-we have DOZENS in Rescue to prove that. They can be incredibly high maintenance dogs and require a lot of personal attention.

Please visit and click on LIFE WITH AN IGGY at the top of the page.

Italian Greyhound Club of America is the AKC Breed Club for Italian Greyhounds. Our Rescue is funded completely by donations and allows us to provide all necessary - and often times expensive - v

Adoption Policy

Please visit our website at for details on adopting through IGCA Rescue of Texas and Oklahoma. You may also fill out an adoption application there if you are located in Texas or Oklahoma. You should understand up front that we DO do reference checks, home visits, and LOTS of breed education. 

Applicants must be approved for adoption before being put in contact with foster homes or going to foster homes to meet IGs. It is also important to realize that not every IG is a fit for every life style-some are overly needy, some can’t be placed with young child

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