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Feline Canine Fellowship Coalition

North Myrtle Beach, SC

Our Mission

Our home base for felines is the Head Butt Hotel while we maintain a Petsmart adoption center location in Charlotte, NC.
Our canines are enjoying life in Newville Pa at the Comfort's Creatures Ranch.

The Feline Canine Fellowship Coalition is a 501c3 No-Kill non-profit charity, dedicated to providing community support and assistance to individuals, organizations, and other rescues,to help save lives and reduce the number of companion animals being surrendered to, and euthanized by shelter facilities.

We follow a food as medicine protocol for the pets in our care, and mandate responsible vaccination protocols as advocates and affiliates for the Protect the Pets and Truth About Pet Cancer Organizations. We require our nutritional regimens established be be maintained, to optimize and maximize the health and quality of life for our pets when they move onto their forever homes.

Anyone interested in more information or samples for the Young Again brand we use for our felines, please feel free to contact us.

Adoption Policy

We are a "Protect the Pets" rescue and we MANDATE responsible vaccination protocols and Titer Testing prior to administering any more than ONE RABIES VACCINATION in our pets' lifetimes. So if you allow your vet to blindly administer annual vaccinations (in fact mal-practice) in the absence of affordable titer testing with Kansas State, please refrain from contacting us. The well being of our pets is our top priority so our protocols for proper nutrition and responsible vaccination practices to ensure no chance of overdosing and over vaccination of our pets, is our #1 objective along with their happiness. For further information on this very important issue, please refer to the Protect the Pets website,

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets