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Tails of Love Animal Rescue

Southampton, PA

Our Mission

Baby it's cold outside! With winter upon us remember to check your vehicles BEFORE you start your engines! Cats often hide under the hoods to keep warm &  can be seriously hurt or killed if they are under there when you turn them on! People who have auto start are the most dangerous because there is no warning to the animal! If you can beep your horn with the remote prior to starting it they may have a chance to get out before disaster strikes! These cats are forced to live out there thru no fault of their own so don’t make things worse for them!

We are a small home based rescue in Bucks County, PA. We rescue mostly cats & kittens. We are Not affiliated with similar named rescues & do not have info on them. We have been doing rescue for close to 40 years now. We believe everybody has a purpose in life & this is ours. We love what we do & take the time to train these animals to become loving pets for their adoptive parents.

Adoption Policy

Adopt, don't shop! Thousands of pets are killed in shelters (not ours) every day! Please help us stop the over population by spay/neuter your pets! If you are looking for a new family member please remember this is a lifetime commitment to them just as if you had a child of your own, they just happen to have fur! Reason shelters are always full is because their humans move to a place they can’t take them! Some die & never made plans for what would happen to their fur~babies if this happens! Some because they get old & are not puppy like anymore! Remember that one day you will be old to & how would you feel if you were dumped in a strange place because no one cared about you!  All these reason are poor excuses for not being a good pet parent! Make sure you are ready for this commitment before you adopt! We want them to have their Fur~ever homes & so do they!

If you see an animal we have listed for adoption & live within a 50 mile radius of 18966 please fill out

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Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets