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Kitty Adoption Team Inc. (KAT)

716 DeKalb Pike
No. 124
Blue Bell, PA 19422

Our Mission

We are a non-profit, all volunteer, 501(c)3, cat and kitten charitable rescue organization. KAT is dedicated to helping homeless kitties find a loving home. We will also help with needed veterinary care for kitties. In addition, we will help with TNR advice and spay/neuter support. KAT also provides maintained colonies with food as it is available to us.

Kitty Adoption Team, Inc.
"Prayer for the Animals"

Almighty and gracious God, help us to be always mindful
of the well-being of our friends and companions, the animals.

We ask you to bless them, and for your mercy for
all animals who are unwanted, neglected, or abused;
for those who are sick, hungry and frightened;
for abandoned pets who seek the care of a forever-loving home;
and for those who must be put down in the name of compassion.

Eternal God, your Holy Scriptures teach us that mankind has
dominion over the animals. Help us fulfill our responsibility
to provide protection, kindness, and love for all your creatures,
humble and great, large and small, with whom we share the Earth.

In Your Name, we pray. Amen.

Copyright © 2002 by Diane H. Schwarz
All rights reserved

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