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Furkid Rescue

Bethel Park, PA

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

FurKid Rescue seeks to help animals go from life-threatening situations to homes where they will be given the love and care they deserve. Upon rescue, we commit to the full care and training of an animal until we are able to place them in an exceptional home. We hope that through training and responsible ownership we are able to educate people about rescue dogs as a whole. We are passionate about spaying and neutering and promote the procedure at every opportunity, not only as a preventative health measure, but also to eliminate the overpopulation problem.

Adoption Policy

Thank you for considering adoption over buying from a breeder. In doing so, you are taking a stand against the overbreeding and overpopulation problem that currently exists. We believe in quality placements over quantity and once we rescue a dog we’re committed to finding the best forever home. We are NOT ashamed of being choosy!

You should expect at least a 10-year commitment (excludi

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets