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Luvabulls Rescue Inc

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WE ARE CURRENTLY UNABLE TO TAKE IN ANY ADDITIONAL RESCUE DOGS. PLEASE CONTACT LOCAL RESCUES TO SEE IF THEY HAVE OPEN FOSTER FAMILIES.PLEASE READ FOR A LIST OF PLACES YOU CAN CONTACT! We recommend Josephs Legacy, Adopt A Pit, and Miami Valley Pit Crew. You can also see a list of other pit bull type dog specific (or ANY BREED SPECIFIC DOG) rescues at: Courtesy of! You can also post your dog up for adoption there and/or here on petfinder!
Luv-A-Bulls Rescue, Inc was the first and only pit bull breeds rescue in Montgomery County for 10 years. Fighting against BSL and general ignorance with many hard working, dedicated volunteers. Our Founder retired due to illness and since then 3 former volunteers started responsible bully breed rescues locally! We are proud of the work we have done in rescuing hundreds of abused, neglected, unwanted chained pitties. Our motto and logo is 'Public Education & Responsible Ownership'!!
Today we are a public education and networking group that occassionally is able to do foster based rescue and rehabilitation.
(Founded in 2006) Luvabulls Rescue Inc is a network of volunteer foster homes dedicated to rescue and rehabilitation of abused, neglected, unwanted dogs and puppies. We specialize in Bully Breeds, ie: Bulldog Breeds, Pit Bull Breeds, Mastiff Breeds, and any mixes of those.
We are a registered state non-profit rescue. We are not a 501c3 so your donation to any of our worst case dogs is not tax deductible. We do not deal in high volume numbers and rescue a few dogs here and there when we have available foster homes. Most of our rescues are from chains, pens, been through torture, starvation, and solitary confinement and have had severe suffering. We also pull dogs from Ohios worst gassing pounds and heartstick pounds and long term fosters are needed due to rehabilitation. We believe all dogs deserve a chance, but especially the ones who have only known suffering and pain.
We MOSTLY provide free COURTESY POSTING and free facebook and online networking to help people who have either found a dog or need to rehome their own dog. We can run applications and do home visits on potential adoptions for your dog free of cost to help ensure these dogs are going to safe and financially responsible homes if you send a detailed profile with photos, including contact number. Please take advantage of this opportunity to get your dog networked in the right places.
We also educate owners, and the public, on bully breeds, Breed Specific Legislation, and freeing chained or penned dogs.
We work with dogs with special needs like; fear,socialization, and food issues when we have openings with the appropriate foster homes who are familiar with rehabilitating dogs with these types of issues. There are so many wonderful loving bully dogs looking for homes! All dogs NEED exercize and socialization and will have behavioral struggles if these basic needs are neglected. We work hard locally to educate bully breed owners and speak out against Breed Specific Legislation.
For more information on BULLY BREEDS please visit:

For more information on BREED SPECIFIC LEGISLATION Please visit:

For more information on CHAINED/PENNED DOGS and how you can help them please visit:

Or you are welcome to email us the address as well. We work in the Dayton and surrounding areas. If you see a dog in need outside our area please go to Dogs Deserve Better website and find your closest Area Representative! Dont give up on the dog. Be his/her voice!!
It is cruel and inhumane to leave a dog alone, hungry, unexercized, and uncared for, chained or penned. These dogs eat, defecate, and sleep in the same small area for YEARS. Laying in the mud, snow, and/or ice ... Chained on a short lead or closed up in a small pen, and many times BOTH, they suffer without love, exercise, interaction, and usually not enough food. They suffer for years....many die that way never knowing a kind touch or voice. MANY have embedded collars. Chaining and/or penning an animal is NOT humane and should not be legal! Dont just drive by and think it is sad, day after day...DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! You can offer to walk their dog or bring it food/a better doghouse..etc... or call us (in Dayton) and we will help!! (Again, if you are outside Dayton please go to DogsDeserve They have many wonderful volunteers all over the US willing to help!! If you see a dog who is being neglected or abused PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL HUMANE SOCIETY or police department!
For more information on humane education and an ethical way of living please go to:

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Adoption process: Application, vet reference check, home visit, background check, meet & greet.

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