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The Pet Adoption League (PAL) of Westchester is a non-profit 501c3 charity that works to find loving and permanent homes for adoptable dogs and cats.In 1996 the volunteers that would become the Pet Adoption League were instrumental in changing a local City Animal Shelter that had a killing rate of 67% to a more humane facility with a euthanasia rate of only 10-12% through 2007.

Through an aggressive and expensive advertising campaign, hundreds of animals find new homes each year with the help of PAL. PAL has helped save over 3,500 animals from its inception in 2001.

PAL also works with people to re-home their pets so they do not have to go to an animal shelter. Our Home-to-Home Program makes for a kinder, gentler transition when someone can no longer keep their pet. Through the years PAL is often there to help with pets in need when animal shelters cannot.

PAL is known for working with other groups to help rescue and bring about change for Westchester’s homeless animals. It is only by animal lovers and advocates working together that we can save the vast number of homeless animals.

A driving belief of PAL is that everyone deserves a chance, human and animal alike.

Learn More About PAL:
Visit, where you can learn about how to adopt from us, how to donate time and/or resources, and what types of fundraisers we are doing to make the work we do possible. Also be sure to check out our Facebook at

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