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HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary

2075 Buskirk-West Hoosick Road
Buskirk, NY 12028

Our Mission

HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary is located on 21.75 acres of beautiful property in Buskirk, NY. Tending to a variety of animals who have lost their owners, run their course for their owner's purpose or just plain ol' need love - our Herd continues to grow.


Dedicated to the care, well being and love of abused and abandoned animals across New York State, we stand by our mission statement:


"To listen to the needs of animals and provide a voice and means for their care"

If you know of an animal that needs a better life, please contact us. We actively work with additional rescues and organizations to help with the care, fostering and placement of animals that deserve a Forever Home.


Adoption Policy

Interested in giving one of our pets a furr-ever home? Great! Please fill out our adoption application form online at

Our beautiful barn at the sanctuary. Gretchen the donkey with her horse friends. Ready to plow with the tractor. Copper the pig taking a nap. Image 5 Image 6

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets