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William's Home Cat Rescue


Our Mission

At William’s Home, we call ourselves a cat Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Retirement Home. At the heart of our organization is the hope of getting more senior and special needs cats into homes. We have seen the older, imperfect cats get overlooked and left behind in shelters while younger, prettier, more perfect cats get adopted much more quickly – especially kittens! While we support the rescue of any cat (or any animal for that matter) we want to raise awareness and show how much these amazing cats can bring to a family.

Whenever we have the capacity, we pull at-risk, special needs, medically fragile, or senior cats from local shelters, homes that can no longer care for them, or directly from the streets. Depending on their prognosis, we then move forward with one of the below:

I) Rescue

Our goal with any cat that we take in is to find them a loving forever home. We love all of the cats that come through our doors, but we know that every time we can get a cat adopted, we have room to help another! We are always open with potential adopters about any special needs or medical care that our cats may need, and focus on finding the right home for each cat, not just a home for them. They have been through so much, we want to ensure that they have the best life in their forever homes!

II) Rehabilitation

Some of our cats will be able to be adopted into forever homes, and just need some TLC first. All of our cats get immediate check ups with our amazing vet, and we come up with a treatment plan moving forward. We want to help every cat have the best quality of life as possible, and always focus on being their advocate and doing what is best for them.

In the best case scenario, after completing their course of treatment, our cats will be strong enough to move to our “adoptables” list and begin the search for their forever home!

III) Retirement Home

In some cases, the cats that we bring in are either extremely elderly or are too medically fragile to be listed as “adoptable”. In those situations, we take them into our pack, where they spend whatever time they have left loved and spoiled as a Retirement Resident.

Adoption Policy

The first step is to complete on application on our website. At that point we reach out to the potential adopter and confirm that the cat they are interested in is a good fit for the family. If so, we process the application, including vet and reference checks. Once that is confirmed, we reach back out to the potential adopter to confirm the approval and set up a time to meet and officially adopt the cat!

If the potential adopter would like, we can set up a meet and greet once we have a completed application.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets