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Cape Fear Rescue Rangers

Wilmington, NC

Adoption Policy

PLEASE NOTE; We do NOT have a shelter. All of our dogs are kept in private homes

Adopting a friend:
To adopt one of our rescues we will need to you to complete an adoption form. Please understand that a home visit and Vet references will be checked. We prefer local adoptions but will consider others according to the circumstances. Also understand we are very protective of our rescues because of their previous home issues or possible abuse, and we are all that is standing between them and more bad circumstances. All our dogs will be neutered/spayed before being adopted.
Animals are fully vetted and ready for their forever homes.

Cape Fear Rescue Rangers is privately funded and your donation allows us to continue providing veterinary medical and other care for more rescued animals. In most instances, we have already provided that care for the animal(s) you are applying for and we relinquish any vet records at the time of adoption. We are grateful for your support of our efforts. Donations of pet foods and supplies, and to our veterinary care fund at Forest Hills Veterinary Hospital, Wilmington, are always appreciated.

Veterinary Services
If you would like to make a donation toward our medical bills;
you may mail a donation for Cape Fear Rescue Rangers to:

Dr Paul Gigliotti, DVM
Forest Hills Veterinary Hospital
8 North 26th Street
Wilmington, NC 28405

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets