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Misfitz N Underdogz

Goldsboro, NC

Our Mission

We are a rural 501(c)3 rescue non profit organization.
We operate solely based on fosters, donations
and volunteers.
Together, we're their voice, the only ones they have!

We are a small organization trying to change
the world for one animal at a time. Animals who
feel like and have been unwanted, unloved,
abused and or neglected, hence
the name Misfitz N Underdogz.

We make sure these babies get the veterinarian
care they need. For some, it's the first time they've even been to a vet. Some have never even had toys before.
We are always looking for good fosters, local to our area or surrounding areas. We provide all you need, you just provide the TLC and loving home. We are always in search of people wanting to help the animals in Wayne County / Goldsboro North Carolina and surrounding areas. When fostering, or adopting, our goal is to make sure the animal and home are a great fit.

Adoption Policy

In our adoption process, we require an adoption application to be completed
and returned to us. Then we will verify the information, make phone calls to
ensure that you will be approved first. Our adoption fee is $150. for puppies/dogs and $75 for kittens/cats. (Fee may change due to organization being charged more for vetting of animals) as we are a 501c3 non profit. We are completely foster, volunteer and donation based.
Our main purpose is to be sure that our animals will be going to good, responsible loving homes.
(As with most any rules, we do make exceptions, and consider all circumstances and try to be fair to all involved).
If approved, we then discuss arrangements to do a meet and greet with your family,
and your other animals (if you have any).
If things go well we can move forward from there, which includes a home check to ensure that the animals living and play areas are safe.
All of our adoptions are not final until you have had the animal for 2 wks. and we see how things are going to make sure it's a good fit for all.
As with almost any new introduction with an animal, there may be small things you will need to work through. We ask that you please remember that everything is new, to your new family member. Please allow them time to adjust slowly to your home and family. Giving them time to develop a strong bond to your whole family.
We also welcome you to call or email us with any questions or concerns you may have at any time during this process. Our goal is to ensure that the adoption is a happy one for all involved in the family.

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