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Southfield, MI

Our Mission

Get all our rescues in good safe forever homes. ALL of these rescues are split up into different foster homes. We are a foster based rescue
We have a few hours posted that we generally do adoptions during those times, but also open by appointment as well. Most adoptions run 1-2 hrs. Per kitty. We want to get every animal a forever home. WE KEEP THEM TO ADOPTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

our rescue during any given time always has at least 10 kitties or more for adoption!!!!!!!!!! We do not place kitties under 3 months of age, unless under special circumstances.

This rescue handles Orphaned kittens, Kittens with special needs, Kittens with moms but moms have no milk, Kittens with birth defects, Abused/neglected kittens/cats,Cats/Kittens with health issues, and working to correct socialization/rehabilitation for issues that have caused a negative behavior or cats, we use positive training to correct issue. All kitties stay in rescue till adopted. mainly handle kittens, but we do handle kitties up to 5 years at times, rarely we may get a senior cat in with special circumstances.


We spend on average each kitty from 500- 1000 due to their needs, and no we do not get paid back for all care needs when its out of foster parents pockets. NO PAYCHECKS for this job, we help animals in need. We pay full price for all needs. No pet care insurance. Prices ONLY cover some proceeds and vet care needs met, Not anywhere near what we spend on each and every cat

Our fees from 300- 450 depending on care needs.

Adoption Policy

We do not ship. Out of state is welcomed - pick up only. Our cats are no declaw inside only. We Some times have declawed cats that come to our rescue. WE ARE A NO DECLAW RESCUE!!!!!
Our rescue is Foster based, no facility. We are cash only. We handle motherless kittens, And kittens with mom but can not nurse. Special needs kitties(kittens and cats). We spend 500- 1000 each kitty. We handle kittens from birth - 3 weeks when they enter rescue. We handle moms with health issues and kittens with health issues. We have handled kitties that were blind as well in rescue. WE pay for everything the cats/ kittens need while with us. We do yearly flea prevention on our kitties 8 weeks and up, This includes winter months.

Adoption forms are done in person only. We do not adopt out to persons under 21 years of age. Every kitty is current on vet care when placed. All cats are different just s people. They need slow intro's/ into a home it is very scary n stressful. So do not expect an instant fit.
Imagine your 1st day of kindergarten. Now you do not know anyone there. Next think everyone talks a foreign language, Its a bit scary and overwhelming, and stressful. The smells in the are are different, the colors, the shapes the movements. People can point which helps to sort of figure things out. Cats can't point , so the stress and overwhelming-ness and other emotions take over. So they need a few weeks to settle in to get past that. we have some steps to take to help make the adjustment easier.

we ask many questions before setting meet and greets up to make sure that animal is best matched with you!!!!!!

adoption fees vary $ 300- 450. We do not get grants/donations. We have all cats on grain free. Top line food. Every kitty goes to a full service vet. All cats are fostered to adopted. There is 4 foster parents for these kitties. All gave different issues/needs. We try to match kitties up to new owners.
2 kitties to the same home we do discount. The fee total We also do a starter kit for them as well.

  • day hours
    Monday by appointment
    Tuesday 10 am - 4pm
    Wednesday 10-2pm
    Thursday 10-4pm
    Friday by appointment
    Saturday by appointment
    Sunday 11- 2 pm
    By appointment only

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