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Homes for Angels

PETCO STORE 23 Mile Road & Gratiot
Macomb, MI 48042

Our Mission

We are a rescue that believe dogs are one of God's many wonderful creations and deserve a life with love and dignity.
All of our rescued dogs are pulled from local shelters or are private surrenders.


St. Michael's Canine Services 586-549-5515
Basic Training, Obedience, Behavior Specialist, Rehabilitation, Grooming, Dog Show Handling.

Adoption Policy

Our adoption process starts with a short application that we email to you upon request. We are not a first-come-first-serve rescue. We have one particular dog that several great families are interested in. Please know we put our best efforts into searching for the best-fit for a family for that particular dog.

We meet, in person families that are interested in adopting one of our dogs. All questions get asked and answered by all parties. A trial period of one week is allowed if the family interested in our adoptee. If the dog works in the environment that might become a permanent home, an adoption can take place. An application and a contract signed are required. A health certificate is presented to the new family. Micro chipping is registered by the rescue. Adoption fees are $220.00 and a tax write off for the adoptee.

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Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets