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Our Mission

All American Dawgs is a herding/hound/retriever, 501C3 rescue of dedicated, knowledgeable rescue personnel whom save dogs from southern Indiana and northern Kentucky animal control shelters. We feel that shelter dogs, or All American Dawgs as we call them, are great dogs in bad situations, dogs that possess every positive attribute necessary to be a wonderful, safe and loyal companion or loving family member.  Our dogs are found languishing without homes, through no fault of their own and all they need is an advocate, willing to showcase their potential.  All American Dawgs is that advocate and we will rescue, transport, vet and adopt out these awesome dogs to families that can offer them the love and devotion that they deserve! In addition to rescuing and adopting great dogs we also contribute our services to shelters for dog photography. Time and funds available, we provide transportation services to deliver homeless dogs  to the safety of rescues or adopters.

Adoption Policy

Please visit our FaceBook site at for even more albums and information of our adoptable dogs. Give us a "like" and enjoy the updates of our friends and adopters. The happiness and satisfaction of our adopters is of utmost importance as they become part of the A. A. D. family. Our adoption fee is a $160 donation which includes spay/neuter, rabies vaccination, 6-way vaccination, heartworm testing and treatment if necessary, worming and flea preventative. We do not adopt out any dog as housebroken. Housebreaking your new pet is an important part of the bonding process and is a necessary commitment for a successful transition. Those first few weeks in your home are when your new dog learns to trust and respect you, as his person. When adopting make sure you have thought out a potty training routine ahead of time, before bringing a new dog into your home. We do reserve the right to inspect the home to ensure there will not be any conflicts or issu

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets