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Adoption Policy

Additional Adoption Info

We require an adoption application, vet reference and in some cases a home visit prior to meeting our available babies.

JBRR Requires our adopters to be at least 25 years old.

Because our adoptable animals come from shelters or puppymills, we try our best to ensure that your new pet is healthy. Each animal is examined by a vet prior to adoption, however, there are some things that are out of our control. Most incubation periods for diseases can be between 2-10 days after kennel cough. We will not transport or adopt out any animals showing signs of illness, but do keep in mind that they can become ill after wards. This is true of all animals, rather adopted from us, another rescue, shelter or pet store.

Pre-Adoptions/Reservations require that you put a deposit on your baby as we cannot hold any dog or puppy without a deposit. This is optional as long as you understand that by choosing not to do this the dog or puppy that you are requesting may or may not be available to you come time to finalize your adoption. This option ensures that you will be guaranteed the animal that you have chosen to adopt, it also ensures us that you are serious about adopting and will be there to provide your chosen baby with a forever home. THESE DEPOSITS/ADOPTION FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE so please make sure that you are 100% sure that this is your lifelong choice.

The fees that we get from adopting out our furbabies immediately go back into saving/vetting other animals that are about to be killed.

DISCLAIMER: Approval of your adoption application is not a guarantee of availability of that particular animal. We receive multiple applications on each animal, so that we can make sure and match up the right dog with the right family. Unless you reserve/pre adopt the animal in which you are approved to adopt, we will not hold it if another adopter is approved and interested. Your approval notification means that you have been approved to adopt through our agency. Our adoptions fees are non-refundable.

DISCLAIMER: Most of our adoptable animals come from high kill shelters. Occasionally we are given specific age and/or breed information on the animals, but more often, we have to make an educated guess as to age, breed or mixture thereof, based on size, color and physical characteristics. Because we are not breeders, but rescuers of societies cast off animals, we can not guarantee the age or breed of the dogs we post for adoption. It is merely an educated guess.

Our rescue is home based, therefore you will need to make an appointment to visit with any of our animals that are available for adoption. Some of our foster homes are in other states.

Donate to Our Rescue Group...
You can sponsor a dog of your choice or Our wishes and Needs list include: New or gently used dog items, Leashes, Collars, Toys, Bowls, Harnesses, Leads, Pet Wipes, Gift Cards ie: Petco or PetSmart, Bleach, Towels, Dental Treats, Dog Beds, Grooming Aids Combs, Brushes, Shampoo, Colognes, Air Fresheners, Flea/tick product (Frontline Preferred), Training aids, Dog Crates, Excercise Pens, Monetary donations, Computer/Printing Supplies, Sponsoring, Postage Stamps. Paypal is also available:

Jellystone Bark's Rescue RANGERs have been rescuing animals since 2007. We have rescued over 60000 abused, neglected and homeless babies with the assistance of our Rescue Partners throughout the Midwest. Our goal is to assist animals in low/moderate income areas and puppy mills (Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio) who have little or no hope of being rescued. We currently work with over 95 No Kill Shelters and Foster Based Rescues in the Midwest and are exclusive with many high kill shelters to save their babies.

REMEMBER: Rescued animals are by no means perfect or show quality. They can be from puppy mills, bad breeding, unwanted, abandoned, untrained or aging. Rarely do we have a lot of background on our rescues but we know that they need love, patience, understanding and a commitment from you.

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