Macoupin County Animal Control and Adoption Center

P. O. Box 391
21640 Route 4
Carlinville, IL 62626

Our Mission

We are at maximum capacity!

Please, please, consider adopting one of our pets!  We are not set up to have foster homes, so our poor dogs and cats really need to get into homes as soon as possible. You could be saving a life!

Long Distance Adoptions!  As a rural shelter, our entire county only has a population of 49,000 people. We seem to have way more homeless animals than adoptive families. WE WELCOME LONG DISTANCE ADOPTIONS!  Recently, Max, a totally blind Cocker Spaniel and another dog named Bear were adopted by a folks from Chicago. And, Husky Cyber was adopted by a family in Wisconsin. Congrats to Max, Bear and Cyber! And, then there is Flash...

One of our "turn-around" dogs, Flash, was adopted by a family in Michigan!  Border Collie Flash had been abused and arrived at our shelter fearful and leery of people. But, with the help of our dedicated staff and volunteers, he "turned around" and became one of our fa

Adoption Policy

How to Adopt Your New Best Friend

Visit our shelter and pick out your new forever pet. Dozens of cats and dogs are waiting for you!
Fill out the adoption papers and pay the $100 adoption fee*  
Your pet is then taken to get its necessary shots and to be spayed/neutered
Take your new best friend home!!

 *No matter the age or species of the animal, all dog adoptions from Macoupin Country Animal Control and Adoption Center are $100. Cats are $75.

Here's a report about one of of dogs from his new owners:

"Let's see, what can Cash do now after 4 weeks of Obedient Training ...

Well, you know he can sit.  He can also come, lay down, shake, roll over, walk a little better with a leash, up, off, leave it, drop it.
He is the teachers pet ... even the other dog owners have said it. lol  I'm afraid he is smarter than his owners.
2 'drop it'

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets