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Chap's Chow Rescue

Tucker, GA

Adoption Policy

Chap's Adoption Process:

1) Complete the online adoption application.
2) If possible, meet the rescue dog of interest by appointment.
3) The application shall be reviewed and references checked by one of our Volunteers.
4) A home visit must be performed by Chap's or a local designee.
5) If approved, complete the online adoption contract, the link will be provided upon approval.
6) Submit the adoption donation ($200 adults / $300 puppies).
7) Arrange for pick up, you must come get your new family member. If you live too far to drive, please consider adopting closer to home.
8) If at any point the adopted pet isn't a good fit in its new family, Chap's will welcome the pet back to the rescue.
9) We are Volunteers and do this in our spare time, please keep this in mind.

Online adoption application:

On the application, you can select to "save & resume" to return to the form later and a separate link will be provided so you can pick up where you left off (tip - copy the link and email it to yourself to make it easy to find). Once it's 100% complete and you submit, you will get a confirmation email within minutes, if this doesn't happen something went wrong, please email me if you have trouble.

***All pets in the new home must be spayed/neutered.***

Our dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and treated for any known medical conditions prior to adoption. Our dogs might have multiple applications, they are available for other applicants until the adopter is completely approved, we do not hold dogs, but it's not first come-first serve either, it's about the best fit for the dog based on many factors.

Online adoption contract:

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets