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Companion Animal Rescue Inc.

PO Box 1209
Madison, GA 30650

Our Mission

Companion Animal Rescue, Inc. (CARI) PO Box 1209 Madison, Georgia 30650 is an all volunteer, non-profit organization. Our organization is dedicated to working endlessly to save the lives of animals in danger of euthanasia. CARI is committed to providing temporary care for abandoned, relinquished, lost or unclaimed domestic animals until appropriate, permanent homes can be found.

C.A.R.I. is not a shelter, but rather a foster program. Our foster care system affords animals in our guardianship a greater opportunity to find a loving, healthy home either directly through us or in partnership with another reputable rescue organization. We have lots of animals in our care and many more awaiting their chance to be part of our foster program. With only a few exceptions, C.A.R.I. exclusively rescues animals from Morgan County Animal Control.

C.A.R.I.’s dedication to the animals in the community extends beyond rescue and adoption. C.A.R.I. provided the surgical equipment (anesthesia machine, autoclave, surgical instruments) to Morgan County Animal Control so that the county can offer low-cost spaying and neutering services to the public, regardless of financial status. In addition, C.A.R.I. was responsible for orchestrating a free spay/neuter weekend for three consecutive years with the help of RAVS, (Rural Area Veterinary Services). This project was targeted to the low income families in Morgan County. As we continue to grow, our plan is to develop further projects which will directly benefit the animals in C.A.R.I.’s care and the companion animals in the community.

Please email us for additional information on any of our adoptable animals!

Adoption Policy

Adopting from Companion Animal Rescue, Inc. (CARI) is easy! Keep in mind that all of our rescues are in foster homes and our CARI team members are not paid employees...they are volunteers with full time jobs. Our ultimate goal is matching the right rescue with the right family that result in lifetime forever homes, so please be patient with our process. If you are interested in possibly adopting one of our precious animals, the first step is to be approved for adoption. Email us at, and we will forward to you an application. Then, simply complete the application and return via email. (The application discusses fees, etc.) Once your application is received and approved, we will contact you to arrange a time for you to meet the pet you are interested in adopting. Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued pet versus buying from a breeder! All of our animals are pulled from a Rural Georgia Animal Control Facility, fully vetted and placed in a foster home for further training.
Thank you.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets