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Our Mission

Our mission is to find forever homes for cats suffering from neglect, abandonment and over population. Some cats need a longer time in foster care to overcome prior neglect or uncertainty of their surroundings. But with time and care we hope to offer a life of companionship between animal and future owner. As one adopter stated, "I didn't save these cats, these cats saved me."

A portion of proceeds of sales from our sister project, Pie a Bakeshop ( go to the rescue to help save cats. Buy a pie, save a cat!

Adoption Policy

We take the adoption process very seriously. Adopters must fill out a meet and greet application detailing their home life and experience with cats in the past. Once that is approved they will then be invited for a meeting with the cat(s). Everyone living in the home must attend, especially children, so an observance can be made with how the children interact with the cat and how well the parents guide the children. Once a meet and greet is successful and an adoption approved there must be a waiting period for the family to gather supplies before the official adoption contract can be completed.

Please know that not every application will result in a meet and greet and not every meet and greet will result in an adoption.

Most cats are very social and enjoy the company of other cats. As a general rule of thumb, cats must be adopted out in pairs or join a young playful cat already in the home. If, in the rare instance, we have an independent cat up for adoption, we may consider adopting as a single.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets