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Dachshund Rescue South Florida

Weston, FL

Our Mission

Thank you for your interest in adopting a doxie! We do not have a facility with all of our dogs staying in private homes so your best first step to meeting any of our dogs is to fill out an adoption application on our website at!

Adoption Policy

So you are ready to take the plunge! The link to our application is below, but first we would like to share some info on what we look for in a perfect Forever Family!

We are personally and emotionally invested in each and every dog who comes into our care. We want to make the best decision in a forever home for each one of them and make our placements based on the best match between doxie and forever family. :)

Step 1: Is a Rescue Doxie Right for You?

•Are you IVDD Savvy and know what symptoms to look for? Would you choose conservative treatment or surgical? Our friends at Dodgerslist ( are the best online resource for IVDD as well as the best place for doxie families to read up and be prepared to face IVDD. We encourage all families to familiarize themselves with IVDD as plans for treatment factor into the application process. Insurance is a huge resource to have in place for working through IVDD. See the side bar to the left to learn more about Trupanion, DRSF's insurance partner.

•Doxies can live to be 18 years old and we look for forever families who are ready to make a lifetime commitment to their newest family member.

•We very seldom have puppies come into rescue as they are the ones that get scooped up first from the shelters. The dogs that come into our care (and we feel are the most beautiful) are the ones that were passed over at the shelters for various reasons, and without a rescue to go to they would be euthanized. Our Foster Families give us good information on the personality and character of our dogs, allowing us to match your family with a really great pet. Please consider opening your heart a bit further than you might have anticipated in being open to finding your perfect match: a “differently-abled” Doxie or a senior dog could be the perfect pet for you and our expert doxie matchmakers can guide you to a perfect match!

Step 2: Am I Eligible?

To ensure that our Applications Team are working with familes that are committed to adopting and welcoming a rescued doxie into their family, DRSF's application processing fee is $20. We take the application fee not to raise funds, but as an additional measure to ensure that a family is ready to move foward. The fee is non-refundable, and not applied to the adoption donation, so we provide the following eligibility requirements to be completely transparent in what we look for in forever families (and also reserve the right to deny an application for any reason):

•Current household pets must be spayed or neutered, with some exceptions for health reasons.
•Any companion animals must be current on vaccines, flea/tick, and heartworm medication.
•DRSF goes back 5 years in checking vetting records and utilizes the AVMA guidelines for preventative care to confirm annual checkups (2x annually for seniors), dentals, bloodwork, and treatment provided when necessary.
•DRSF is not equipped to ship dogs, so potential Forever Families should be in the South Florida area, or open to making a trip to South Florida to adopt!
•DRSF's goal is to find the best match between our dogs and adopters. Key elements include an effort to ensure dogs are placed in homes that are the best match based on energy and needs and to help protect our dogs from becoming homeless. As such, we ask that applicants age 79 and above have a co-applicant at time of the adoption who is willing to also sign DRSF's the ownership contract agreeing to take in the adopted dog should the primary adopter become unable to care for the dog.
•If you have any questions about any step of the process, the DRSF team is avaiablel to answer any questions at!

Step 3: Know What To Expect!

Rescue is an imperfect science with perfect souls and after placing so many dogs, we have come to know the questions and issues that families can experience while adopting. Here are a few bumps in the road that can come up and how our process is structured to address them:

•"But we applied for that dog first!" We place dogs based on the best fit between a dog's personality and a family's lifestyle, past experince with dogs, and their personality as well. Unfortunately, being first to apply doesn't guarantee that you will be first in line for a particular dog.
•"Why are all the dogs I am interested in spoken for?" We have found ourselves in a wonderful position of having more applications than dogs to match them up with. There are certain demographics of dogs which are more popular and will have more applications than most (young females are the most popular). If you might open your heart a bit further and consider some characteristics that you might not have considered before (such as a bit older, a different color, etc), we can help to match you up much faster. Some of our happiest adoption stories come from families who took a chance on something different than they were looking for! :)

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Recommended Pets