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Our Mission

The mission of Taylor County Animal Control is to promote responsible pet ownership, animal welfare, a safe community, and to reduce pet overpopulation. Our division strives to eliminate animal cruelty by educating the public and enforcing the laws.

Adoption Policy

After selecting the animal you wish to adopt you must fill out an adoption contract in which you can come in to the office or we can email it to you. All dogs and cats being adopted must be spayed/neutered and given a current rabies vaccination before leaving the shelter. The cost of adoption is the price of this procedure from the local vet's office. Price is pending weight of the animal and payment is due to that clinic the day before the procedure. You select which local veterinarian you would like to use and we set up the appointment. We take the adopted pet to the vet clinic the day before the procedure and you pick your new pet up from the clinic.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets