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Pit Sisters, Inc.

Jacksonville, FL

Our Mission

Pit Sisters is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization dedicated to giving voices to the most misunderstood dogs.  Our mission is to provide voices, homes and love to those who cannot speak and remove the stereotypes associated with the bully breeds.

We are a foster home based rescue who promises to provide love, homes and voices for those who cannot speak. Our focus is on the misunderstood dogs who are judged solely on their appearance. Most of the animals that come to Pit Sisters are in need of rehabilitation due to undernourishment/neglect or have special needs and would otherwise be euthanized. Pit Sisters works with these animals in conjunction with their foster families to get the animals back to good health both mentally and physically. Our dogs are socialized in homes with other animals and/or children to ensure their best possible fit in their forever home.

Does the pet you are interested in have a yellow star on their profile picture?  That means that they ar

Adoption Policy

How Do I Adopt a Dog?

If your family is thinking of getting a pet, please consider adopting from Pit Sisters. We have several dogs that are in need of loving homes.

Please take a look at our Avail-A-Bulls and read their PetFinder profile to see if they fit your family’s life style.

We currently adopt to homes in Florida and Georgia. Our adoption process starts with an application. Please email for one, or you can fill out an on-line application on our website at

Once the application is verified and approved, we do a home visit. At that time, we would also do introductions to any other pets ion the home, to make sure that their personalities blend well.

We would then finalize the adoption with a signed adoption agreement. We also have an adoption fee of $200. All of our dogs are current on shots, spayed or neutered, and on heart worm prevention if applicable.

We also have dogs that are enrolled in the TA

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Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets