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Our Mission

We have partnered with SBF Rescue! Together we can do so much more, SBF is a farm animal rescue and there is plenty of room for our dogs as well.

We are a foster based rescue in CT.

We are a group of dedicated individuals dedicated to volunteering our time to help save dogs, cats and other small animals at risk in our area. We are also always more than willing to assist pet owners who have questions about the care of pets.

Super Paws Rescue, inc.  is ALWAYS looking for foster homes! Without fosters, we cannot do what we do! If you think you can help, please contact us today.

Adoption Policy

We require an application, found on our website from any potential adopter. If approved, we do a home visit, with all household members present.
If you are approved, you can adopt..
Sometimes we get a lot of applications for a fur-baby. We can only choose one home. If you are approved, you are approved for future dogs that come in as well.

For more details on adoption, please go to

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