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Our Mission

The reality is that everyday dogs of all sizes and shapes with wonderful hearts, personalities and lots of love to give are brought to local shelters. There are many reasons why. Some of them don’t adjust to shelter life. They’re afraid. They stress. . . and their true personality disappears in shelter life.

Shelters are over crowded and under-resourced (finanically, facilities, etc.). They don’t have the personnel to give the dogs the time and the love they need. Many shelters don’t have the medical staff, financial resources or programs in place to address their needs. Some rural shelters don’t even have people visiting regularly looking to adopt a dog. For dogs at these shelters it could be the end of the road.

Adoption Policy

At 3R Rescue, we strive to find the best match between you and a new companion. Each dog in our care has a unique personality and individual needs, which we work to match with the routine and lifestyle of your family.

The general steps to adopting a 3R dog are outlined here, but sequence may vary occasionally.

Complete our Online Adoption Application below.
A representative from 3R Rescue will contact you to arrange a “Meet and Greet” between your dog of interest and your family members (including your canine companions.)
A Home Check will be performed and references contacted (including your veterinarian) prior to adoption.
Review the dog’s Going Home Packet, sign our Adoption Agreement and pay the Adoption Donation.
Your new companion will be placed in your care!
The Adoption Donation is typically $250. This helps 3R Rescue with costs such as spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, required veterinary care, food and shelter, as well as any other expenses needed to properly care for dogs prior to adoption. Military/veteran and senior citizen adoption discounts may be available.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets