Animal Protection League

Stockton, CA

Our Mission

The Animal Protection League (APL) has been in existence since 1996  to promote foster care and adoption of healthy animals at the Stockton city/county animal shelter.

APL's mission is to save the lives of cats and dogs in our community. Since our focus is Stockton and surrounding communities we have retired the Stockton Animal Shelter Friends name and are now known only as Animal Protection League. Our website address bears the 209 name to identify us with the Stockton area. (

In an effort to reduce pet overpopulation APL has performed feral cat spay/neuter clinics since December of 2008.  We also partner with the City of Stockton Animal Shelter to spay/neuter dogs and cats adopted from the shelter.  Our ability to perform the surgeries at the shelter saves the adopters money because the animals do not have to be altered at private veterinary clinics.  Since its opening, we have performed over 6,000 spay/neuter surgeries of homeless animals.

Adoption Policy

Adoption Fees:

Adult cats start at $75.00 down to $38.00

Kittens from #75.00 to $56.00

Adopters must fill out a Pre-Adoption Form upon approval then we can proceed to the Adoption contract.  We accept cash or check.


Animal Protection League

P.O. Box 691912

Stockton CA 95269

Phone: (209) 956-3647


Adoptions at Petsmart, Trinity Plaza. Saturdays and Sundays, 11-3pm



Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets