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I Stand With My Pack

Los Angeles, CA

Our Mission

I Stand With My Pack is a non-profit organization that aides in the prevention of animal suffering and cruelty through means of education, hands-on field work, fundraising, non-violent protest, legal action, and collaborative efforts with other organizations & governments.

We work to promote compassionate ethics and lifestyles, expose animal cruelty through media platforms, and also to unite individuals and groups to create long-term solutions for a more humane world for all.

I Stand With My Pack is committed to raise awareness through educational outreach & advocacy programs, to work to strengthen people’s connection to and understanding of animals and the natural world, and to work for stronger animal protection laws.

Our ultimate goal is to provide assistance and long term support for animals in need and to strengthen the human-animal bond.

I Stand With My Pack is committed to helping other animal protection organizations as well open for collaborations. We believe that together and united we can achieve our mission to save animals from cruelty and suffering as well as fight the threats to our Ecosystem.

We are an animal welfare organization that has a tremendous respect towards all form of life and a conviction that all life has rights to be treated with respect and acknowledgment of its most basic needs.

Adoption Policy

1. Adopter agrees to pay ISWMP an adoption fee of $450 for each dog adopted. Adoption fees are non-refundable after 10 days.
2. Adopter agrees the dog is to be a family companion and agrees to provide the dog with a safe home, adequate food, water, proper care, exercise, love and attention. Adopter agrees not to violate any laws or ordinances with the dog.
3. Adopter agrees NEVER to declaw the dog for any reason.
4. Adopter agrees to notify ISWMP IMMEDIATELY if the dog is lost, stolen, hurt or killed.
5. When the Adopter is to go away for any prolonged periods of time or vacation, Adopter is to prearrange proper care for the dog.
6. The dog is not to ride loose in the bed of pickup trucks, convertibles, or to be left in a car unless the car remains on with the air conditioner on and the doors locked.
7. The dog is to remain indoors at all times unless in a safe, escape-proof enclosure or dog carrier.
8. Adopter agrees to have the dog examined by a licensed veterinarian at least once each year and provide all vaccinations and treatments, including dental, to ensure good health. If euthanasia becomes necessary, Adopter agrees to have it performed by a licensed veterinarian.
9. Adopter agrees to notify ISWMP of a change of address and/or phone number within two weeks of such change. Adopter agrees to keep microchip up to date at ALL times.
10. ISWMP makes no guarantees or statements regarding the dog’s age, breed, health or temperament. While ISWMP has made every effort to provide accurate history assessment of the dog, ISWMP is not able to guarantee the dog’s age, breed, medical status, behavior or disposition. Adopter accepts this dog as is with all defects, either observable or unobservable, and assume all risk for the dog upon signing this contract.
11. If for whatever reason the Adopter is unable to keep this dog for its entire life, the Adopter MUST return the dog to ISWMP. ADOPTER AGREES NOT TO GIVE AWAY, SELL, OR DISPOSE OF THE DOG WITHOUT EXPRESS CONSENT OF ISWMP, or adopter may be subject to a $25,000 fine.
12. Adopter will allow ISWMP to conduct phone check-ins and inspections at ISWMP’s discretion after adoption in order to check on the dog’s welfare.
13. ISWMP has the right to take the dog back into the Rescue if the owner does not agree to and comply with ALL terms and conditions. The contract is not signed. The agreed upon adoption fee is not paid. We feel the dog is unsafe in the Adopter’s home, or we feel the dog is not the right fit for home/lifestyle.

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