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Our Mission

We are a California-based, all breed dog rescue, turning displaced, unadoptable, or differently abled dogs into diamonds from the rough.

Dogs available for adoption through our rescue have been fully trained for obedience and manners, both on and off leash, and require kickass adopters who will not only be committed to maintaining that training, but enhancing it. Hope2K9 Rescue is an extension of Home2K9 Dog Training and Rehabilitation, where we work with dogs of all breeds, ages, and with all manor of behavior issues. Many of the dogs who come through our program are truly awesome family pets, just waiting for direction, leadership, stability, and structure.

Our adoptable dogs have been enrolled in a minimum three week board and train program, they have been evaluated with other dogs, children, small animals, car rides, city life, and much more. By adopting a fully trained dog from Hope2K9 Rescue,

Adoption Policy

We are looking for you; kick-ass committed adopters, willing to show up, do the work, take the careful consideration necessary to ensure a perfect fit in their new family member. We are seeking folks eager to lead, give direction, structure, and boundaries to their dogs. We are looking for you even more than you are looking for your perfect match pup, and at Hope2K9 Rescue, we believe in careful, calculated placement decisions, to ensure the match is life-long and all around positive.

We have invested weeks and sometimes months into these dogs, training them, socializing them, proofing them to ensure they have rockstar life skills that we know you will positively adore if one of them should join your home and family. In order to preserve our work, and set both the dogs and adopters up for success, we have a proven screening and matching process that will save everyone a lot of heartache and wasted hours on the phone if the dog you admire is not going to be successful

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