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Hello, nice to meet you! We would love to welcome you to the PNC Little Critter Rescue family! Our rescue is working hard to provide a safe haven for a variety of animals. Including dogs, cats, pocket pets (rats, guinea pigs, hamsters and etc.), some reptiles and birds. We are a small at home rescue, saving lives for over 8 years! Our mission is not only to save lives. But to also educate, rehabilitate and find amazing homes for our rescue furry/scaly/feathery friends. We help aid animals from many types of situations, including from kill shelters, families who need to rehome their pets for a variety of reasons, Facebook, craigslist and more! If you have any questions or possibly looking to adopt or are interested in becoming a foster please contact us, we would love to answer any questions you may have. If you are unsure of the proper care and supplies needed to care for a specific animal let us know, we would love to help guide you through your pet parent/ family journey as well!

Adoption Policy

This our full adoption process. First, we send you our pet supply list (of whatever pet(s) you're looking to adopt). These are the proper and safe supplies you will need in order to adopt from us. Unfortunately, most places that sell pet supplies, sell harmful supplies, or supplies that shouldn’t be used for our pets at all. These supplies can decrease the life span of your pets. So, we just have to make sure all of your supplies are safe for your potential pets as well as for you! Once you look our supply list over, let us know if the supply list is doable. If the supply list is doable, then we will go ahead and send you the adoption application. This is so we get a feel for the type of home you will possibly be providing them. If that is good, I’ll send you the adoption form, you fill that out and either print it out, fill it out and bring it on the adoption date or you can fill it out and send me pics over email or text. You send us the adoption fee upfront. This is so we know you are 100% dedicated to adopting this pet or pets. Once the adoption fee is sent the baby or babies will be 100% on hold for you. Then we schedule an adoption date! Once we choose a date and time that works with both of our schedules, we meet up and you get to take them home! Reminder you will need all if not most of your supplies before your able to take anyone home. We will need a pic of all of your supplies and enclosure setup latest 2 days before your adoption date. This is so we make sure you have all the supplies needed and so if there is anything that needs to be added or removed, we do that ahead of time before your adoption date. If you are just looking to meet them then decide all we ask is your review our supply list and fill out an adoption application. You don’t have to adopt if you aren’t 100%! But we have found it best to do those things if you're looking to meet them first. This is so we know we are on the same page as far as care goes and what is needed to adopt from us :) We also have supplies, used caged, furnished cages and cage bundles available for purchase as well. If you prefer to get the supplies from us.

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