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Almost There Foster Care

Phoenix, AZ

Our Mission

ATFC specializes in large-breed pregnant dogs and their pups, providing a quiet and caring environment while we work to find loving forever families. We firmly believe there is a home for all dogs, and a dog for all homes.

Adoption Policy

Follow these simple steps!

Fill out our adoption application so we can get to know more about you and help you find the pup of your dreams.
Email to set up an appointment to meet your new best friend!
Adoptions are done right at our facility, so be prepared to take your new pet home with you!

During your meet n' greet, you will be able to meet all of the dogs in our care. Our team wants to help you find the perfect fit, and will provide you with the history and behavior of each dog. Some dogs in our care are ready for immediate adoption, while others still need time to grow, heal, or be spayed/neutered. If the dog you are interested in still needs some time before coming home with you, we will ask for a $50 nonrefundable deposit which will be deducted from the final adoption fee. 

Please note the following:

Adopters must be 18 or older with

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets