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Our Mission

Stop the VOID, Foster, Adopt, Volunteer.

After 5 years with another rescue, the Founder of W.O.W Dog Rescue decided to open her own small dog rescue and continue the great service that was given in the past. One of the things that make us different from others is we answer our phone calls. (If not right away, with in 5 hours). We also do not bring our dogs to any Adoption events. Many of those adopted are done on impulse (see a cute pup, adopt it and after a few hours/days, reality comes into play and the pup is often returned), We use the application process online and families who are responsible do their searching on the internet to find the best breed for their life style. If they already know the breed of choice, most will actively search for the breed that is needing a forever home based on age/temperament/good with children etc. If we have the dog of your dream, you would apply for it, and a group of ladies at W.O.W Dog Rescue will go through the applications and decide who will get the call to come and meet up with the pup. The foster person will be there at the meet up and will be able to answer any of the questions you may have. Then, if you fall in love with that can adopt it!
All our animals are kept in a loving Foster home, not a shelter or a place that kennels them. They are free to roam in the foster home, and learn potty training, leash training, tricks, socialization and are given many hugs and encouragement. We take our furry kids happiness very seriously and want the BEST for each and every one of them.

Adoption Policy

1) Complete an application from our website, for the specific pet you are interested in .
2) You will get a email returned with in 6 hours, letting you know we receive it and when to expect a call from us if you are chosen for the pet
3) Wait for the call
4) IF you are NOT chosen, you will not get a call. There are not enough Volunteers to make call-backs. BUT you are free to call us. (Often, many people are qualified for the same dog, BUT we only have ONE dog. Many Times, there is nothing you could have done differently. The luck of the draw). HOWEVER, your application will stay with us for 90 days. During this time if you find a cutie that is of interest, email us letting us know you have a application in and are now interested in ___. We will move your application to the new dogs file.
5) IF you are chosen you will get a call and we will set up a time to meet. If you have a dog(s) you will bring it or them along with you for a meet up. If they all get along, and you want to adopt, you can do it at that time. There is nothing that "locks" you in to adopt, we want you to be 110% happy about this new family member!

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets