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Pound on the Hill Animal Rescue

Bessemer, AL

Our Mission

Pound On The Hill Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing the stray, neglected and unloved dogs wandering the streets of central Alabama. Our dogs receive veterinary care and training prior to transporting them to Massachusetts. Pound on the Hill - Massachusetts Chapter handles all adoptions.


Adoption Policy

Pound on the Hill Animal Rescue is a non-profit, animal welfare organization dedicated to improving the conditions for companion animals in poverty-stricken communities. We provide education and assistance for current owners to raise the bar on acceptable care in the community, work with civic leaders to implement better animal care and protection ordinances and through the rescue and placement of stray, neglected and abandoned animals. All of our rescued companions are cared for in foster homes or in one of our two small facilities located in the Birmingham Metro area. Each animal receives complete medical care prior to their adoption. In addition to addressing their medical needs, we strive to help the dogs to become better pets by working on issues which might prove to be problematic as a companion before they are considered ready for adoption. When the dogs are physically and emotionally fit to find their forever family, they are transported to Pound on the Hill - Massachusetts Chapter where they are matched with the best home. After a trial period with their new potential family the adoption process is finalized. We are funded solely through donations from concerned citizens and adopters.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets