Our Mission


We are excited to announce that after months of waiting, Kool Kat Rescue was granted 5013(c) status retro from March 17, 2011.


Cindy Liggett, the inspiration and founder of Kool Kat Rescue has jumped ship and retired to Georgia.  Sue Wirth, Raylene Griffith & Lisa Carpenter taken over the group.  We still have lots of the same volunteers as before, who all do a wonderful job.




We are a group of cat lovers who have volunteered for many different animal related organizations and decided to band together and create our own much needed rescue group.

Located in Ancho

Adoption Policy

There are many wonderful reasons to add a cat or two to your family:

Lap warmer

Automatic alarm clock






Low maintenance

Take up little space & don't need

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets