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Our Mission

Saving lives one dog at a time by rescuing dogs most turn away and promoting responsible dog ownership via education about the legal rights of pet owners and proper training in order to help reduce pet abandonment. SDA does NOT have a shelter. All of our dogs reside in carefully selected foster homes.

Adoption Policy

Adopting a friend
The adoption process through Sophie’s Dog Adoptions consists of filling out an application form to adopt, a full screening is done to ensure that the dogs I place will in fact be going to good, forever homes. These dogs have been through a lot already, and don’t deserve to come back again and again. The right family / person is out there for each dog. The process can sometimes be longer than with other rescue groups or organizations, but an animal is for life and it should not be something to rush into. Once I am satisfied that the family/person meets the criteria to adopt one of my dogs, then the adoption is finalized with a contract. ADOPTING A PET IS NOT SOMETHING TO TAKE LIGHTLY, IT IS, IN MY OPINION, THE SAME AS ADOPTING A CHILD.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets