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Toronto, ON

Adoption Policy

Tails from Greece Rescue is a small, strictly volunteer Canadian registered charity offering a homing program to private rescues and shelters in Greece. To date we have homed over 500 dogs and a few cats as well.

After twenty years it's time for us to wrap up the homing program so it would be our dream-come-true if all the dogs currently available for adoption are adopted into loving homes by the end of 2019. Please give these dogs a chance by adopting one of them; they are all so deserving!

We would also consider a foster home or a foster-to-adopt arrangement on the understanding that if, after a couple of weeks, you decide not to adopt the dog, it could stay with you until a new home is approved. Foster homes are a huge help in a dog finding its forever home.

We do not adopt on a first come, first served basis in the event more than one application is received for the same dog. We do our best to select the home which best suits the dog's needs. Our approval process includes a detailed application, personal and vet reference check and a home visit as the final step in the approval process. Contact is if you would like a Foster Home Registration Form or an Adoption Application.

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