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For the Love of Dogs - Ottawa

Nepean, ON

Our Mission

For the Love of Dogs (Ottawa) is a small, local rescue caring for dogs, focusing on (but not limited to) those with special needs and palliative care.

Adoption Policy

Dogs are posted on our Facebook page and website, inquiries are sent via Facebook messenger and an application is then sent to their email address OR you can find the adoption application on our website and once completed, can be sent to

Foster families and rescue volunteers go through the applications and pick a select few, do phone interviews and home visits before the best family for the dog is chosen.
Once a family is chosen, a 2-week trial adoption begins and in that time, the family can decide if the dog and family is settling in well or not as expected.
If not a right fit, the dog is returned to the foster family until another family is chosen. If all goes well, then the adoption is finalized with some paperwork, adoption fee and medical records are transferred to new pawrents!

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets