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Telephone City Feral Cat Rescue TNR

Brantford, ON

Our Mission

Telephone City Feral Cat Rescue TNR, is a not-for-profit "grassroots" organization aimed at helping the feral colonies surrounding Brantford, Ont., and Brant County. We aim to "Trap, Neuter, & Return" all the feral cats unless they are young enough to tame. In which case, we vet and adopt out to good homes. Founded by Sherry Suprun in 2011, this organization is run by both volunteers, community support, and donations.

Adoption Policy

Potential adoptees will need to complete an application form. In this form (alongside basic information) you must sign & agree to: vet reference checks by a vet (if applicable), photo ID/proof of address check. Once approved, you must have an appropriate carrier at the release time of adoption.

All animals that come through the adoption will be spayed/neutered and will be vetted.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets